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Astrological Services

The art of astrology can help us answer many challenging questions and concerns, professional and personal ~

  • AstroCycle Updates

  • Life Coaching/Counseling and Integrative Healing

  • Relationship/Synastry Counseling 

  • Planetary Cycles and Creative-Planning techniques

  • Corporate Timing and Forecasting techniques

  • Staffing and Optimal Employee Goal-setting

  • AstroCartography and Relocation charts

  • Electional Charts - Timings for taking actions and events

  • Horary - Charts of pressing questions . . . charts for the moment a question is most important ! ) . . . addressing career questions, opportunities, partnerships, business concerns, business start-ups...

Relationships Analysis


Astrological chartwork is especially fantanstic as a tool to understand the fabric of our relationships. What makes us connect with another, how do we best expand and nurture our connection. This astrological focus VERY clearly maps our reason for joining our lives with another, and highlights both the karmic blessings and lessons we come together to learn. 

Electional Astrology

Electional Charts are literally TIMINGS in which clients can best launch a business project, or often the best timing for Elective Surgical dates .  Life or business coaching packages are offered as stand-alone Short Consultations,  and can be video/audiotaped  either in person, via Skype or Zoom, or by telephone.

Fertility Consultation


Our cycles of fertility and optimal health are actually EASY and obvious when using tools of astrology.... In fact, one can almost say it's Astro 101 to see this in our chartwork~

While these phases and cycles are actually simple to see, understanding the timing and overall conditions of health and wellness are complex. Using cycles in our charts consciously and mindfully, along with ALL the factors of balancing our lives in preparation for parenting ... these elements are all part-in-parcel of an AstroFertility appointment.

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