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About Alexander

Alexander has been a pioneer in combining Astrological practice with the fields of psychotherapy and healing, providing Astro-Coaching and Counseling Services to clientele as well as astrological training to traditional counselors and therapists in Astro-psychology and Astro-mythology. 

Alexander holds a Certification of Astrological Study from the A.R.C. New York, a school and training based upon the celebrated career and techniques of  the Astrological Luminary, Ivy Jacobsen.

Alexander adds to his Astrological skill-set with over a decade of clinical practice as an Counseling Art Therapist with duel-diagnosed and psychiatric populations, as well as adding his training and practice in Body-Centered Gestalt Therapy.

As an addition to his professional work as a practicing astrologer, Alexander is also an avid amateur astronomer... dovetailing these disciplines in his practice of course!

With his colossal 14-inch diameter observatory/telescope, he hosts Astronomical Sky Tours for private gatherings and public observing sessions. 

~ When we see things with our own eye, we realize: I am a speck in Creation, on Earth, in the Universe . . .  I am a Spiritual Being . . . ~


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    (845) 802-6111

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