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The greatest application of Astrology is to use it as perhaps the most in-depth interpretive mirror of the Personality and the Journey of the Soul. It is a system that directly reveals our link to the world and the family in which we were raised. Our birthchart describes the circumstances and the psychic-emotional environment which we part of, and it indicates the genetic and family patterning passed down from generation to generation. Impressed on us at the moment of our birth is the state of personal maturation and personal integration of our mother and father; their sense of peace and wholeness in their marriage and in their material lives as well. The talents and the traumas they are filled with form the biggest impression upon the newborn infant, and therefore also the likelihood of our getting unconsciously caught up in that 'reality'.

Astrology utilizes one's birthchart as an unsurpassed tool for self-discovery. The client and astrologer together use the client's chart as a ' roadmap ' to follow back in time one's personal experience of family patterns and the learned style of 'how to be in the world'. Because a birthchart is simultaneously both a literal and symbolic map of the personality, it provides an astounding anchor is the exploration of the Self. This is especially true when going deeply into the Self to reconnect 'lost' parts of the naturally joyful self.

The subconscious mind receives, records and stores information and gives results based on that information. This gets stored in our body/mind on a cellular level, that is to say not just at the level of personality only, but deep within our ' root sense of self '- even within the physical body. Whatever it takes in as fact, becomes the basis for a belief of the Self, and becomes a conditioned way of behaving. As traumatic experiences accumulate during the challenges of life and growing, they contaminate the natural intelligence of the body/mind and the subconscious brings forth results based on the distorted information it received from the original trauma and any reinforcement from subsequent events. This means that every time someone experiences a life challenge that triggers the past, they are no longer free to live as a whole creative Self, but instead usually get caught in a traumatic ' loop ' of unconscious survival beliefs and behaviors.

Astrological Coaching assists you in reclaiming psychological parts of yourself that may have become fragmented or frozen deep in the body/mind due to your life experience or trauma, so that you can manifest your wholeness and conscious Authentic Self. Releasing fears and long standing family patterns of unconscious self-protection, and re-framing with clarity the power of the moment is the bottom line of this 'Cellular Release ' work. Forming new connections to your past, and even more powerfully to the conscious patterning of your family/genetic past allows for the truth, freedom and peaceful Self to emerge. Indeed it is inherently human to be on a path of Self-Awareness and to seek the Authentic Self, for it is only when we are on that path consciously that we can connect to our creative aliveness! That is the Authentic Self that spontaneously emerges when we are in our 'gifted' self; those times when we are in a bliss consciousness and in the creative moment. Ultimately, we are all seeking the awareness of how to be in this creative state - all of the time.

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