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- An Astrological Exploration of Family Relationships


The astrological chart is a reflection of your existence in God's creation; a way of understanding the essential unity of who you are with all the world around you The circumstances of our parenting , our emotional experiences throughout childhood, and the ways in which we received these experiences are all clearly written in our chart The astrological birth chart also has the capacity to clearly minor our children's experience and perception of us as well ! This workshop will explore the ways in which our birth charts reflect both the parents we are born to and the ways in which we will likely parent our own children as well. Parents will develop a greater understanding of their own children's moods, attitudes, and needs. It is recommended to bring birth data for yourself and your children. Needed are date, time, and place of birth for each person.

- Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus: 
  An Astrologer's Overview Of John Gray's Thoughts
  On Relationships


Many of us have at least heard of John Gray's best selling book, "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus". Without question, Mr. Gray's theories are right on the money. This evenings workshop will explore of the very Astrological roots and myths behind each woman's Venus and each man's Mars. What does it mean to us and our relationships, and how can we put it to practical use? Individuals who pre-register will all be given a free computer - drawn copy of their horoscope chart... other attendees will have their charts drawn on my laptop computer during the class. An accurate astrological birth chart is similar to an individual's fingerprints, no one else on earth has the same pattern as you! This birth chart reveals tremendously accurate information about a client, and when we use it to better understand relationships, the chart points directly to the type of person we need to attract to have an ideal partnership.

- Astrology, Asteroids and Amour: The Dance of Relationship


Engrained deeply in the realm of the Collective Unconscious is the interweaving between the goddess Venus/ Aphrodite and the god Ares/Mars. Instinctively we already understand the exchange of Venus/Mars; do I feel loved, does my beloved cherish me and inspire me, and can we marry successfully? When we add the archetypal dimensions of the asteroids to our analysis, we expand our awareness of the dance. We will explore this awareness through four of the asteroids: Eros - sexual desire, Bacchus - primal passion, Sappho - healing love, and Juno - marriage and partnership.


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