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A consultation lasts between 1 to 2 hours, depending upon a clients needs and concerns. Consultations are usually extremely powerful and in-depth, and thus often serve as a starting point for further exploration ... Life or business coaching packages are offered.

All consultations can be video/audiotaped and can be held either in person, via Skype or Zoom, or by phone. For many decades 99% of my clientele are Worldwide, and Skype and Zoom both allow for a Screen-Share module ... which enbles chartwork to be displayed in real-time as we work together... excellent as a teaching/learning platform ...

(which clients from New York to New Zealand find both convenient as well as effective ! )

Other Services:


Small Business Consulting (on retainer), Couples/Partnership charts, Spiritual/Karmic astrological readings.

Note: Everything has a birth time. A company, business, marriage, idea. This birth time can be planned or elected by an astrologer to ensure success!

Current Patterns ~

Soul Path / Life Reading...

Initial Consultation


The first consultation focuses upon the how, why and when of achieving personal successes by exploring and envisioning long-term goal setting, and short-term "bridges" to reach those goals.

For the majority of first-time clients, individuals usually have life-questions and concerns needing to be addressed:

  • Am I on the right track to succeed in business goals?

  • Can I move forward and succeed with my present plans?

  • Should I stay in my relationship?

  • What can I do to better understand my relationship, and how can I make it work?

  • When am I most likely to put my "best foot forward" for an interview?

  • When can I best sign the papers and move ahead with my business?

  • Should I relocate, buy a house?

  • What place can I move to that will provide the greatest joy and happiness? Where do I belong?

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