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Astrology is a reflection of the collective mind, a psychological mirror of one's consciousness and its root-connections to the world around us. The most ancient of parasciences, it is also an interpretive art, promoting the conjoining of the logical, rational mind with the spiritual and intuitive soul-sense.

One's astrological chart is a breathtaking tool for self-knowledge, providing information and insight to our lives that cannot be so clearly accessed by any other means. It is a reflection of the earthly and soul realms and their harmonious balance. Astrology is also a 'roadmap' to our experience. As such it indicates the turns and changes in our path ahead, and helps us to clearly reveal our inner frustrations and wounds, which sometimes block us from achieving our goals and a sense of wholeness.

"To understand correctly the meaning of the words Alchemy and Astrology, it is necessary to understand and to realize the intimate relationship and identity of the Microcosm and Macrocosm, and their mutual interaction."



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