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The Mythic Sky Workshop - Part 4

Intermediate Level

  • Ended
  • 200 US dollars
  • Online

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Service Description

The Mythic Sky - Astrology, Psychology and Spiritual Practice Unlocking the ‘Astrological Roadmap’ of your Soul’s Journey The cycles of nature are deeply revealed in the celestial skies, mirroring a primordial extension in fire and stars … the journey of our Soul’s incarnation. Genetically interwoven into the very fabric of our being, we are each literally linked to time, tide, and season. The Astrological Map is a mirror of the lineage you come from, the family you are born into, and a reflection of your worldly and spiritual journey in this lifetime … and throughout lifetimes. Your horoscopic chart is a reflection of your Being in nature, a mirror of how your special ‘note’ can best be heard in the music of Creation! In Part 1 of the 5 weeks series Alexander taught deep fundamental elements of astrological chartwork (Signs/Planets/Houses/Elements etc.), the foundations of Astro-genetics and introduced the advanced concepts of astrology and family psychology. These 5 weeks enabled students to understand and ‘read’ their own Chart and Chart Cycles. In Part 2 of the 5 weeks series, Alexander reinforced to the Lessons and materials of Part 1. The Signs (Season), Planets, Houses, Elements, Quadruplicities, Chart structure and astronomical foundations of the Chart…. Fire/Earth/Air/Water… etc. Planets as ‘sign-posts’ of parental and family members, seeing Lineage of parents and grandparents in the Chart, Family Karmic Patterns, and major life-lessons. Using Decans and Dwadasamsa subdivision of sign to further clarify your character. In Part 3 of the 5 weeks series, Alexander reinforced the foundations and fundamentals, introduced such concepts as the Tables of Dignities and Debilities, Inner Planets vs. Outer Planets, Major vs. Minor Aspects and Advanced Aspect Patterns, Synastry and Composite Charts. In Part 4 of this 5 weeks series Alexander will introduce Forecasting Techniques including Solar Arc and Secondary Progressions, deeper focus upon Lunar Phases and Cycles in the works of Dane Rudhyar, Synodic Cycles and phases of Mercury, Venus, Orbital Cycles of Mars and the Outer Planets as Chronocraters of maturing, the 18.6 Year Cycles of the Nodes, Planetary Nodal Cycles…and lots more! We will also focus on participants' Delineation Skills i.e. reading charts. And as always … an abundant and broad palate of everything Astrological and Astronomical!

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us within 24 hours of your appointment. Appointments cancelled less than 24 hours notice will be charged a $50 prep fee.

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