Alexander Mallon

 Noetic Astrology

    Charleston SC, Key West Fl, Woodstock NY 


Yearly Cycle Updates

Astrological Forecasting Techniques are used to review and PREVIEW todays situations and circumstances in a clients life. Our best use of these astrological techniques is NOT to PREDICT what will happen, but rather to understand how we can create our life-story. Together, we will specifically plan both short-range and long-range goal plans to maximize your success. Timing can be accurate to the year, month, week, and even day and hour of implementing your efforts; it all depends on what you want to do and what you need.

All of life's issues and concerns are exactly mirrored by astrological cycles, and therefore one can see not only the foundations for any issue - business, relationship, family-, but also the path of least resistance and best success ... And also the best time to yield as well as the optimum time to apply one's efforts!

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