Alexander Mallon

 Noetic Astrology

    Charleston SC, Key West Fl, Woodstock NY 


Relocational Astrology/Astrocartography

One of the greatest applications of astrological chartwork is that of Astrolocality, or techniques which clearly and decisively reveal where in the world an individual can best locate for greatest happiness, career success and relationship bliss.

Astrocartography is a mapping technique that places the natives personal birthchart against a map of the world, or of their own nation and state. This shows precisely and exactly what cities, towns and regions are of greatest compatibility for that person. Also, we can see what areas are optimized for career successes, business partnership and romance, and finding a deep sense of being at home with the culture and the environment - spiritually, emotionally and physically. These techniques have a proven track record in that they truly do what they are supposed to in the "real world"!

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