Alexander Mallon

 Noetic Astrology

    Charleston SC, Key West Fl, Woodstock NY 


Relationship Comparative and

Composite Charts

Whenever we form a relationship, there is a definite and particular life to it. As each person has a very complex set of character traits, and it is not always so easy to comprehend the areas of strength or tension between people. This service is unparalleled in understanding these relationship factors and clearly pointing to not only the ease people have in relating to one another, but also to specific means by which the relationship can be maximized.

Clients will be given exacting information and examples showing the deep needs and requirements of each partner in the relationship. We clarify deep rooted family- based concerns for each that have created behaviours and unconscious habit patterns, and help the couple be witness to these automatic ways of being so that the relationship becomes a union of healing and safety.

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