Alexander Mallon

 Noetic Astrology

    Charleston SC, Key West Fl, Woodstock NY 


Integrative-Gestalt Chart Interpretation

An intensive examination of a clients emotional blockages. Many people go through life without realizing how they contribute to their frustrations in maximizing personal success. This consultation truly zeros right in on the most challenging and difficult to understand personal and family complexes. Drawing upon techniques from Body-Centered Gestalt Therapy and eclectic techniques from his degree in Art Therapy and spiritual yogic studies, Alexander assists clients in gently awakening inner traumatic "stuck" energy.

Every birthchart is an exact mirroring of the earliest mother/father/family dynamics for each of us. In a manner unparelleled by any other type of therapeutic practice, astrological Integrative Gestalt work points to the foundations of our deepest inner blockages. Every single person has the challenge to bring these areas to consciousness as their Dharma or spiritual path, and then to transform that awareness into spiritual wisdom and enlightenment! Liberation is success, joy, and freedom.

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