Alexander Mallon

 Noetic Astrology

    Charleston SC, Key West Fl, Woodstock NY 



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"When I met Alexander Mallon I was in a process of career development that was definitely not going in the desired direction. I wasn't  happy with my professional life and had a very sad feeling that it wasn't moving forward; obviously, that affected immensely other areas in my life. I can honestly say I was lost and frustrated. Alexander literally looked inside me as if I where a map and helped figure out the missing parts in the puzzle. Yes, there were things regarding my essence and personality that I wasn't aware of and he spotted them for me; continuing that way was shooting myself on the foot, as he said to me. I guess I will never know if I would have found out all these things later on in life on my own, but I can only describe my experience with Alexander's work as life-changing. Throughout the past couple of years we have been working together, I have followed his guidance and advice, not without struggle and hard decision-making, and can definitely say I am now walking in the right direction, patiently yet with extreme confidence that this is now my path, that I am where I belong at this moment and walking firmly towards my dreams and goals. I only have words of praise and gratefulness for Alexander. His expertise is the result of inexplicable natural talent and years of dedication, and his humanity and involvement with me have been 150% all throughout. I guess my question would be: what else can you ask for? I expect this to be a long lasting professional and personal relationship. Thank you Alex. -- Demian Sabini

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