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Astrology Services

The art of astrology can help us answer
many challenging personal questions using:

  • Therapeutic astrology and integrative
       healing counseling
  • Relationship/synastry techniques
  • Cycle work and forecasting techniques
  • Relocation and astrocartography charts
  • Horary question charts and event charts


A consultation lasts between 1 to 2 hours. Depending upon your needs and concerns, this can either be a one-time session, or it can serve as a starting point for further exploration. All consultations can be audiotaped and can be held either in person, via Skype or Gmail Plus, or by phone (which clients in Hawaii, Italy and the United Kingdom find both convenient as well as effective!)

Initial Consultation

The first consultation focuses upon the clients history, and the connections leading to and creating present concerns. We will discuss the how, why and when of achieving personal successes by exploring and envisioning long-term goal setting, and short-term "bridges" to reach those goals. For the majority of first-time clients, individuals usually have life-questions and concerns needing to be addressed:

  • Am I on the right track to succeed in business goals?
  • Can I move forward and succeed with my present plans?
  • Should I stay in my relationship?
  • What can I do to better understand my relationship, and how can I make it work?
  • When am I most likely to put my "best foot forward" for an interview?
  • When can I best sign the papers and move ahead with my business?
  • Should I relocate, buy a house?
  • What place can I move to that will provide the greatest joy and happiness? Where do I belong?

Relationship Astrology

Small Business Consultations

Gestalt Astrology

Relocation Astrology

Lifetime Readings

Yearly Cycle Updates

Other Services:

Small Business Consulting (on retainer), Couples/Partnership charts, Spiritual/Karmic astrological readings.

Note: Everything has a birth time. A company, business, marriage, idea. This birth time can be planned or elected by an astrologer to ensure success!

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