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    Charleston SC, Key West Fl, Woodstock NY 


About Alexander Mallon


Alexander Mallon has been a professional astrologer, counselor, and spiritual therapist for over thirty years. He has been a pioneer in combining astrological practice with the fields of psychotherapy and healing, providing counseling services to clients as well as training to traditional counselors and therapists in astro-mythology.

He holds a degree in Art Therapy from C.W. Post University, L.I.U., and a Certification of Astrological Study from the Astrological Research Center of New York. Alexander has also received training at the Hartford Family Institute in Body-Centered Gestalt Therapy.


Catskill Astronomical Sky Tours

As an addition to professional work as a practicing astrologer, Alexander is also an avid amateur astronomer. With his colosol 20-inch diameter Dobsonian reflecting telescope, he hosts Catskill Astronomical Sky Tours for private gatherings and public observing sessions. To put things in perspective, a 20-inch scope is twice the size of most university telescopes. Alexander's is the second largest telescope in the Hudson Valley and Catskill Regions. "When we see things with our own naked eye, we realize: I am a speck in Creation, on Earth, in the Universe. When we lose the connection with Nature, we lose respect and perspective." Losing the night sky to light pollution is to lose our connection to a part of Nature and therefore, a part of ourselves as human beings.

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